Can I use the FCA in my virtual practice?

The functional training is primarily for those that wish to practice in person. The FCA technique is not like muscle testing, which can be done virtually via energy testing.

This course is primarily for those that wish to have in-person training to further their bio-individual assessment of their client’s nutritional deficiencies and how to functionally assess which nutrients will support their body’s optimal function.

What is the social event during the workshop weekend?

Both the NTPs in the FCA Course and the FNTPs in the Refresher Course will have access to the Friday Night Social on April 5th. This social includes dinner and the opportunity to connect with your fellow NTP & FNTP graduates!

How long is the course?

The FCA Course for NTPs includes an 8-week online course and 3-day in-person workshop.

The FCA Refresher Workshop for FNTPs includes a 2-day in-person workshop.

During the workshop weekend, you will have the opportunity to connect with your fellow NTPs and FNTPs in a social gathering on Friday, April 5th.

Can I take this course if I’m not an NTP or FNTP?

No. These courses and workshops are for NTP and FNTP graduates only.

How much does this cost?

For our inaugural launch, we are offering amazing tuition prices that are set to increase in the future. Take advantage now! Spots are limited.**

FCA Course for NTPs: $2,000

  • For the first two weeks of enrollment (10/10-10/24), we are offering a $250 discount, bringing the tuition to $1750. See your email for the coupon code!

FCA Refresher Workshop for FNTPs: $250

**All attendees will be responsible for their own travel & lodging.

Will the FCA curriculum be in the membership portal?

Yes, as the FCA is part of the core curriculum for FNTPs, the FCA Course videos and resources will be available in the NTA Membership Portal later in 2024.

Will the Refresher students need a supplement test kit for the workshop?

All necessary supplements will be provided for the workshop. In addition, specific supplement recommendations will be provided for FNTPs to use in practice following the workshop.

What are the cancellation and deferral policies?

Students who cancel registration within 5 business days of purchase can receive a full refund. Any cancellations or withdrawals after 5 business days from purchase are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

There are no deferral opportunities given the in-person requirements for this program. See the course policies for more information.

Can I take this course if I am a current NTP student?

No. You will need to wait until you have graduated and earned your NTP credential.

How often will the FCA course be offered going forward?

The FCA training will be offered two to four times a year based on demand. We will rotate the locations based on demand.

In 2024, we will hold trainings in Portland, OR; Denver or Boulder, CO; and Austin, TX. The fourth location is to be determined.

How many seats are available?

FCA Course for NTPs: 26 seats available

FCA Refresher Workshop for FNTPs: 26 seats available

Spots are first come, first served.