Access the community, resources, and support you need to thrive!

Open to all FNTP & NTP Graduates, the Practitioner Network includes access to a resource-packed membership portal, monthly member-exclusive events, plus newly added benefits including Practitioner Circles, Mastermind Groups, Business Mentoring and more.  

Whether you're looking to connect with fellow graduates, attend an inspiring webinar about autoimmune support, or explore popular business platforms to leverage your client management.... the network membership is here to help you grow and thrive as a nutrition professional. 

Highlighted Benefits:


Connect inside the member-exclusive discussion board!

Top Tools & Resources

Explore our favorite resources to help you launch & grow your business.

Exclusive Events

Enjoy quality, member-exclusive business & nutrition webinars!

Curriculum Access

Review the full NTP Curriculum videos, lectures, and guides - including exciting 2023 updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NTA Practitioner Network different from the NTA Membership Program? 

While the program name and benefits have been updated, the membership itself has not changed. Being a member will continue to include the amazing events, communications, and portal that you had access to inside the membership. That being said, stay tuned for exciting development and opportunities in the months ahead!

What is the price of membership?

Annual membership to the NTA Practitioner Network is $99 USD.

Are CEUs required?

No - CEUs are not required for NTA Graduates to maintain their NTP or FNTP credential. While we do strongly encourage all graduates to pursue continued growth and education as nutrition practitioners, it is not required by the NTA. In addition, CEUs are not required to become an NTA Member. 

What is the Certificate of Continuing Education?

The Certificate of Continuing Education (CCE) is an optional certificate that NTA Network Members can pursue by submitting 24 CEUs for review. Previously, we required a review fee but this is now included in your yearly membership fee.

The CCE is an extra step many of our graduate members take to show their audience their continued commitment to professional growth as a practitioner. NTA Members can pursue the CCE at any point during their membership. The CCE is valid for two years. 

How does Membership affect my Nutri-Q account?

Active NTA Members are able to enjoy a discount on their Nutri-Q subscription! Active members pay $15/month for Nutri-Q, while non-members pay the standard $25/month rate.

Is Membership required?

No - the NTA Practitioner Network is an optional program and does not affect your credential. 

When am I able to join the Practitioner Network?

NTA Graduates are able to join the network as a member at any point upon completion of the FNTP / NTP Program. Enrollment is always open - we'd love to have you!

Can I receive a free trial?

Upon graduation, all new NTPs & FNTPs receive a 90-Day free trial of membership, which may be redeemed within 2 weeks of graduation. 

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

If you are unsatisfied with the network membership, we first invite you to contact our team at If we cannot accommodate your needs at this time and you are within 30 days of your yearly membership subscription, you are eligible for a refund of membership, less a $35 processing fee. After the 30-day period, refunds for membership are not available, though we will continue to collaborate to find ways to best support your needs.  


We'd love to hear from you!

Amanda Runnels, NTP

Student & Community Affairs Specialist

If you have lingering questions or concerns about membership benefits, your current membership status, or any other graduate-related matter, we'd love to hear from you!