what our graduates are saying...

Watch Stephanie's health journey to overcome GERD, IBS, SIBO

After spending years battling complex chronic illness, Stephanie knew the NTA was exactly where she needed to be.

The foundations of nutrition had to be the key to health. Through her experience and learning to become an NTP, Stephanie realized she could take control of her own health and share her knew knowledge to help others change theirs.


What our Alumni are saying

"Choosing NTA changed my life. I enrolled in the NTP program because I needed clarity in my own health journey, but I didn’t fully know what to expect. After years of researching on my own, I thought I knew a lot about holistic health – but what I didn’t know was how transformative this program would be for me. The quality of this education was far beyond my expectations. The NTP program gave me the tools to elevate my health from the inside out, and because of that, I have been able to create a life where I am intentionally helping others to do the same. It is beyond rewarding being a part of this community – this movement – that is transforming lives every single day."

- Shakeena Bradley, FNTP

"I was sick for a long time, and after getting no answers from Doctors in multiple countries, I stumbled across NTA. This course has allowed me take my health back into my hands, solve the foundations of my health that were causing my issues, and also change the lives and health of those closest to me. I feel empowered in a way I never thought possible before to help others, and this course has changed my life and career forever. Take the leap, and transform lives."

- Kyle Hackley, NTP

"With my education from NTA, I get to help people get back to the basics of health through nutrient dense whole food so their health can finally thrive! This program has been the best decision I've ever made, and has fulfilled me beyond words!"

- Andrea Irving, FNTP, RWP

What NTPs are doing in their communities


Lauren is an NTP student AND farm manager of a historic education farm in Bristol, Rhode Island. At the farm, they show what a farm would've looked like in the 1750s, to exhibit a way of life that is more sustainable for the planet and to display the embodiment of "food as medicine."

The best part of her job is teaching 100s of kids each week through interactive and kinesthetic based education. Thanks to the NTP program, she is now able to discuss the importance of pesticide-free food, daily movement, and even the healing power of herbs and bitters.

The NTP program has given her the missing pieces she needed as an educator, to be able to show the fundamental pillars of wellbeing in a back-to-nature approach.


Ali is an NTP student who has previous coaching experience with a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection and working through a trauma-informed lens.

In this video, she goes a little deeper on the meaning behind a bio-individual approach to nutrition.

We love hearing how Ali's life has transformed through her experience in the NTP program AND how she is already helping others to take healthy initiatives in their own lives!


Julie is a current NTP student, personal trainer and working towards her degree in food and nutrition. Through her formal education she experienced a focus on "treating symptoms," so she decided to join the NTA to learn the holistic side of nutrition in order to understand the root cause of peoples' conditions.

Together with her neighbors, she's started a shared garden! In this beautiful garden, they grow vegetables, herbs and medicinal herbs, cultivating both a sense of community and connection to their food and each other.


Leticia is a busy mom, homeschooling four little children, along with all the normal life that goes along with being a homemaker and partner.

With all the extra challenges that life has throw at her while she's going through the NTP program, she still finds her passion for learning and teaching her family the importance of nutrition, inspiring and even empowering. The knowledge, a support during the difficult times.





Kimberly was diagnosed with Graves Disease and through working with NTPs, was able to find her way to remission - naturally! After this incredible journey, she decided to become an NTP herself.

She wants to teach her clients that they have the power to truly heal and transform their health with "just a little bit of knowledge and the right grocery list!"




Everyone comes with their own unique story...

"Going through the NTA and becoming an NTP has been the most significant thing I have done in terms of health, not only for myself but for my family and others. It has taught me our greatest gift is our health! My why is to educate and help others so we can all live happy, thriving life. Thank you, NTA!"

- Jonathan Guffain, NTP

"The science-based curriculum balanced with a holistic, bioindividual focus was a refreshing mix in a world full of fad diets and misinformation. Outside of giving me the solid nutrition base to launch my practice, the NTP program enriched my life in ways I never could have imagined. I'm grateful for the experience, instructors, friendships, network, and deeply fulfilling career the NTA has provided me."

- Kristi Carlson, NTP

"The NTP program was life changing for me and helped me follow my dream career path of being self-employed and helping others reach their personal health goals. I learned so much during the program and it has helped me in many aspects of my life including my own personal health journey, being able to easily work with my social media clients in the health world, and be able to confidently talk about holistic health and make recommendations to individuals. Very thankful for the NTA experience!"

- Jessica Stanzione, NTP